Thursday, February 26, 2009

Buenos Dias Muchachos, That's Japanese for GET READY TO GAME!

Hey there, I am creating this blog for those people out there, like myself, who want to play japanese games on their DS... but dont know which one's are worth playing. I will be playing some Japanese games... and then reviewing them, as a non-japanese speaker.

So, a short bio of me.

My name is Spencer Elles, I have Terrible self diagnosed ADD, I enjoy Run-on sentences and don't give a damn about grammar ( I also subconsciously like to capitalize words at random). Regardless of my terrible writing skills I will do my best to keep my reviews informative, short enough to keep my own attention, and somewhat enjoyable to read.

but back to me...

I love anime and video games, but unlike some people who like anime and video games. I will not litter my english with broken japanese... unless I feel it neccesary... aka if it makes me laugh.

I am a "proud" owner of the M3 DS REAL flash card. It lets me review all of these games THAT I ACTUALLY OWN BUT CHOOSE TO PLAY THE BACK-UP COPIES OF ANYWAYS (wink). I have only once had a problem with it playing a game, and that was "The World Ends With You" but I fixed that problem.

Any questions... feel free to ask.

but other than that I hope you Enjoy my reviews.


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