Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shiseidou Beauty Solution Kaihatsu Center Kanshuu - Project Beauty rom #3419

This Looks Like a Game for Boys!

I’m Really Disappointed I didn’t get to play this game.

From what I have researched this game uses the DS camera… to take a picture of one’s face.

Then it Takes and and scans the face, and gives you makeup tips.

“You should probably switch to a Sparkly Pink Lipstick” <3>

I had no Idea that was what this was supposed to be until I retried playing it like 3 times, and a warning would come up, saying that something wasn’t plugged into to the GBA slot, and it would power off. This leaving me sad, and wanting to know what the game WAS.

Now that I know what it is, I wonder what it would tell me.

“Spencer, You need to Remove you’re Facial Hair.” <3>

It Really is a shame this didn’t work.


But If I had to Rate it without playing it… I would give it

For non Japanese Speakers without a DS camera : 0

For Those Japanese With DS Cameras: AWESOME??

Awesome is now a number



Monday, March 2, 2009

First Post

Sorry about taking a week to finally post. I'm hoping the time I have invested procrastinating will be worth it.

Well, on to the games!

SuperLite 2500 Quiz no Tabi - Tetsudou Ryojouhenrom # 3420

Alright, so before I even TRIED to somewhat "read" the title to this one, I got it. If I had realized previously that the word "Quiz" was in the title I would have probably been a little more wary.

So I started up the DS, scrolled to the game, read the title... and silently uttered some choice word to myself.

then I started playing...

So, first things first, I get to the menu, pick the top choice (obviously) and then I find myself getting to choose between 3 different girls for some reason (thanks Japan) 
so I obviously choose the most attractive one...knowing how the Japanese are kinda perverted.... hoping I'm gonna get to see some H scenes!

I think I chose the middle one :D

Then she takes you into a train... and the game starts. 
I mean I guess you probably know... but all these girls want to talk about is trains... 
If my little quizzer could hear the things I was asking her, I'm pretty sure that It would have been something like:

"Hey there honey, y'come around here often?"
"Oh! You're THAT kinda girl.. I really like that in a-"
"oh... you meant for the train to start going..."
"'ummmm...not really... I'm just gonna go....over there...."
"......uh....that kind?"
"that kind?"
"THAT kind???"
-Train moves to next stop-
"Wow, you are so smart, master, I've got another question for you..."

These bitches want nothing more than to ask you questions. I don't even know what the questions were about... cause I don't speak Japanese.

I just started choosing the first answer every time... and slowly winning

SO now the big payoff for answering all their questions... and getting to the BIG train-station is just a picture of some weird place in Japan?/The World? ... Your guess is as good as mine. NO STRIPPING! NO BOOBIES! NOTHING! not even a little peek at areola... just a picture of some weird place to add to your collection...


If I were to rate this game based on fun content, here's how I would break it down:

for the Non Japanese = 2

for the Japanese who love trains, and quizzes  = 6?

I suppose this Game could be fun for those of the native tongue, who love trains... maybe.

just not too enjoyable for me.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Buenos Dias Muchachos, That's Japanese for GET READY TO GAME!

Hey there, I am creating this blog for those people out there, like myself, who want to play japanese games on their DS... but dont know which one's are worth playing. I will be playing some Japanese games... and then reviewing them, as a non-japanese speaker.

So, a short bio of me.

My name is Spencer Elles, I have Terrible self diagnosed ADD, I enjoy Run-on sentences and don't give a damn about grammar ( I also subconsciously like to capitalize words at random). Regardless of my terrible writing skills I will do my best to keep my reviews informative, short enough to keep my own attention, and somewhat enjoyable to read.

but back to me...

I love anime and video games, but unlike some people who like anime and video games. I will not litter my english with broken japanese... unless I feel it neccesary... aka if it makes me laugh.

I am a "proud" owner of the M3 DS REAL flash card. It lets me review all of these games THAT I ACTUALLY OWN BUT CHOOSE TO PLAY THE BACK-UP COPIES OF ANYWAYS (wink). I have only once had a problem with it playing a game, and that was "The World Ends With You" but I fixed that problem.

Any questions... feel free to ask.

but other than that I hope you Enjoy my reviews.