Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shiseidou Beauty Solution Kaihatsu Center Kanshuu - Project Beauty rom #3419

This Looks Like a Game for Boys!

I’m Really Disappointed I didn’t get to play this game.

From what I have researched this game uses the DS camera… to take a picture of one’s face.

Then it Takes and and scans the face, and gives you makeup tips.

“You should probably switch to a Sparkly Pink Lipstick” <3>

I had no Idea that was what this was supposed to be until I retried playing it like 3 times, and a warning would come up, saying that something wasn’t plugged into to the GBA slot, and it would power off. This leaving me sad, and wanting to know what the game WAS.

Now that I know what it is, I wonder what it would tell me.

“Spencer, You need to Remove you’re Facial Hair.” <3>

It Really is a shame this didn’t work.


But If I had to Rate it without playing it… I would give it

For non Japanese Speakers without a DS camera : 0

For Those Japanese With DS Cameras: AWESOME??

Awesome is now a number




  1. haha okay this one.... is a good idea to play.

    looks like a certain country is hinting to you to get a DSi.

  2. >o> is it bad that I realllllyyyy want this game? I think not.